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About Kodiak Pacific Construction Co.

Top Heavy Highway & Paving Contractor in Sherwood

Kodiak Pacific Construction Co. provides various types of heavy highway and paving services in Sherwood with the mission to ensure a stress-free construction experience. Our services involve municipal roads, site development, underground utilities, and more – all using modern techniques. We can repair or replace deteriorating private roadways and parking lot paving using various types of asphalt, bitumen, and other high-quality materials. Whether commercial or residential, we can meet your needs. If you need more information, contact us today at (503) 783 - 4300.

About Our Business

We are a local business and we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship and the very best customer service. We’ve built up a reputation for a high work standard, creating a history of happy clients and high-quality paving jobs. No matter what you have in mind, we have something for you in a range of materials to suit all budgets.

Our Equipment

We have a variety of top-of-the-line equipment we use for our services, including larger machines for sizable, complex projects and smaller equipment for more basic or limited projects. Size doesn’t matter – we can take care of your project. We invest in modern machinery to stay in tune with the modern trends in the paving and asphalt industry. This sets us apart, as we are always one step ahead of our competitors to satisfy our clients.


Harry ( Longs Trucking) worked with Sandy for a very long time and is happy to see the company is doing well!

Thea Karola Hunter-Long
Sep 21, 2022

Excellent company to have on a project!!

Lonnie Jo Lively
Sep 21, 2022

I ve been here for 4 yrs and Sandy and everybody are cool!!

Tracy McAuliffe
Sep 21, 2022

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